Date: Mon 07/25/11
From: Ingrid Tucker

Message: My husband and I were in Anguilla back in 7/2009; we arrived late, our moped reservation fell through. Staying at Sydans we were at a loss of where to eat. We started walking along the beach. In the near distance we see lights and arrive on your doorstep. Not knowing what to expect we were warmly greeted by one of the owners (wish I could remember her name!) Much to our surprise my husband and I had the BEST meals of our lives. To this day we still talk about the divine food and warm hospitality we had at your restaurant. We cannot wait to return!

Date: Thu 07/14/11
From: Rob Malone

Message: Greetings from Pittsburgh, Pa. My wife and I just returned from Anguilla and I have to say the meal at your restaurant was the best that we had on the island and maybe that we ever had. I can't thank you enough for making our 4th of july dinner one that my wife and I will remember for the rest of our lives. Thanks again and untill next year, Cheers!

Date: Sun 06/5/11
From: Simon evans

Message: Hello Graham,
I'm just putting note on here to see if you are the same Graham I worked with at the postman intercontinental hotel "truffles" restaurant under Andre Billon-Tirard?
If it is you Graham please email me I'd like to meet up

Date: Sun 04/17/11
From: Julie and Bruce

Message: What a memorable evening! Thank you both very much we really enjoyed the food, hospitality and views.

We'll come back and install Sky for you one day Graham so you can get all the sports channels :-)

It was a pleasure to meet you both

Julie and Bruce from London

Date: Sat 03/5/11
From: Tom Heizer

Message: My wife and I hosted a business dinner this week at the Barrel Stay and couldn't picked a better place in the world. Jill as gracious and fun, the food was the best on the island!! Thanks for the experience and can't wait to come back!!!!

Date: Wed 02/9/11
From: Patrik Ekdahl

Message: Dear Jill and Graham,

Your other e-mailadress donĀ“t seem to be working, please mail me an alternative e-mail.

Aase and Patrik.

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