Date: Fri 07/20/12
From: Sick Marketing SEO

Message: Hi there I'm known as Brett and will be talking about IM, SEO and link building tips.

Date: Fri 05/4/12
From: Aruna Budhram

Message: I absolutely love this place! Great great food! Jill, I do hope you and Graeham are in great spirits as always..please give Coco and Buttoms lots of hugs and kisses for me. xoxo -aruna

Date: Mon 04/30/12
From: Rick Vandervoort (AARF)

Message: JILL, thank you so much for taking "Regatta" to the beach,I just left AXA and have extended her time 2 weeks, i'm praying for a home,so sweet.
if you could send me your e-mail I would appreciate it,thanks again, God bless you. Rick

Date: Sun 04/1/12
From: Teri Borseti

Message: Greetings, I had the pleasure of dining at your restaurant on Thursday evening and it was wonderful! I was one of a group visiting the island for a press trip and I count myself lucky for being able to experience your restaurant. The pumpkin soup was absolutely yummy and it was the first time I ever ate crayfish and I loved it.
You were a lovely host and I'd return there in a heartbeat. So thanks for everything.

Date: Sun 01/8/12
From: Greg Willis

Message: we have visited many islands and Anguilla has some of the friendliest people. We had a wonderful dinner at Barrel Stay tonight, Graham the exec chef did a fantastic job. His food was delicious and well worth the trip. Best dinner and service so far on our trip. The snapper, Mahi Mahi, and shrimp were fantastic. I would recommend it to anyone. Casual location but great food and service.

Date: Thu 11/10/11
From: Michael & Kirsteen Toro

Message: Anguilla is such a beautiful little island. The residents are some of the nicest people my wife and I have ever encountered. No matter where you travel on the island people greet you with a warm smile and a welcoming hello. You never know who you will meet [Cocoa and Buttons] even if you’re just strolling along the beach.
There are many wonderful places to dine and enjoy some really great food on Anguilla. If you want to dine at the most romantically balanced restaurant on the island then you must dine at Barrel Stay. Jill [owner / host] & Graham [owner / chef] have got it right. The location right on the beach and atmosphere of the restaurant are beautifully romantic. The lighting and dark rustic colors are both warm and inviting; the palm trees, ocean views, the soft background music and sounds of the waves splashing onto shore are extremely relaxing and tranquil. Then you add Jill with her smooth Winsor accent describing the evening’s specials, which makes it that much harder to decide which entrée to choose. And once you see the presentation and taste of what Graham has cooked up for you, you again will be wowed. There is no doubt it was one of the best meals we’ve ever had.
Unfortunately we were booked the rest of our stay on Anguilla, but we managed to get back to Barrel Stay for some dessert, cordials and cappuccinos the night before our departure. The Warm Apple Tarte Tatin with Crème Anglaise and homemade vanilla ice cream was heavenly, especially while sitting under the stars as the waves gently washed ashore.
J & G, thank you both for your warm and gracious hospitality, your candidness and for being genuine, cool people.
Michael & Kirsteen Toro, Lunenburg MA USA

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